Fresh New Tunes
Country Fool's Gold - Volume I (08/21/2016 release) - produced by Kristopher Wade and Jacob Jaeger featuring Dan Walton and James Gwyn with special guest appearances by Ann Wade as well Asleep at the Wheel's Katie Shore.  (recorded and mixed by Kristopher Wade at 6 String Ranch)
Selected Discography (my contributions are listed in parenthesis)
Marshall Ford Swing Band - It's About Dam Time! - (upright bass / includes original tune The Barroom Waltz sung by Emily Gimble)
Ghosts Along the Brazos Self Titled Debut - (upright and electric bass / sang harmony vox/ sang lead vox on original tune Post Apocalyptic Princess)
The Love Leighs - All Your Talk of Love (upright bass)
Ghosts Along the Brazos - When it Rains it Pours (Played upright bass / sang harmony vox / includes original tune Thoughts of You in Spring / lead vox on original tune Fool, Fool, Fool, which was featured in the opening scene of A&E's series "Longmire")
Phoebe Hunt and the Gatherers featuring Connor Forsyth - Walk With Me (Played upright and electric bass / harmony vox)
Jitterbug Vipers "Phoebe's Dream" (featuring Slim Richey and Sarah Sharp, co-wrote 3 tunes with lead vocalist Sarah Sharp including the title track, "Phoebe's Dream", "When You're High" and "A Viper Just the Same," the latter of which was placed in an episode of CBS' series The Good Wife)
Guy Forsyth and The Hot Nut Riveters debut album Moustashe Girl (Played upright bass / harmony vox/ features original tune "Ella Tiene une Bigote," to which the album title refers)
Pops Bayless's 2014 Now and Then (upright bass)
Jacob Jaeger's Wineskin 2015 (electric bass)
Ann Wade - Growth 2015 (upright/electric bass, keyboards, electric guitar, includes original tunes "Thoughts of You in Spring" and "Leaves in Wind")  

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